mpacts.commands.time_evolution. rigidbodycreep

In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

import mpacts.commands.time_evolution.rigidbodycreep
#or assign it to a shorter name
import mpacts.commands.time_evolution.rigidbodycreep as rig


class mpacts.commands.time_evolution.rigidbodycreep.RigidBodyViscousDeformationCommand

Bases: mpacts.core.command.Command, mpacts.core.baseobject.BaseObject

Assumes there is a Force array present for each controlpoint. It uses this force to induce a viscous displacement of the controlpoints as a function of time. This can be used to model creep.
Default location: ‘loop_cmds/post_contact_cmds’
  • Required keywords:
    • c — Viscous daming coefficient, the lower the faster things will deform.
    • pc — Particle container on which the command is applied
  • Optional keywords:
    • gate (default value = ET::ChildProperty const*) — Can decide to (temporarily) not execute the command in a CommandList. (Default is ExecuteAlways)
    • predicate (default value = None) — Predicate that will decide whether this command is executed for a specific particle, when absent the command is executed for every particle.
object __init__(tuple args, dict kwds) :
args: name, parent kwds: pc, c, [gate, predicate]
RigidBodyViscousDeformationCommand(name, parent, **kwargs)