In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

#or assign it to a shorter name
import as one



Bases: mpacts.core.command.Command, mpacts.core.baseobject.BaseObject

Special class that does not inherit from ContactDetectorBasebut still behaves as a kind of contactdetector with following characteristics: - Per contact a seperate contactmodel is stored - Contacts are ‘fixed-list’ like - PC1 and PC2 can be different for each of the ‘contacts’Intended use is the clean development of soft-rigid body constraints.These have many types, and typically a constraint is defined between particles rather than particle-containers.
Default location: ‘loop_cmds/body_force_cmds’
  • Optional keywords:
    • gate (default value = ET::ChildProperty const*) — Can decide to (temporarily) not execute the command in a CommandList. (Default is ExecuteAlways)
object __init__(tuple args, dict kwds) :
args: name, parent kwds: [gate]
OneContactPerModelCollector(name, parent, **kwargs)
add_contact((OneContactPerModelCollector)arg1, (str)arg2, (int)arg3, (int)arg4, (ContactModelBase)arg5) → None
remove_contact((OneContactPerModelCollector)arg1, (str)arg2) → int