In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

#or assign it to a shorter name
import as fri


class'FrictionMatrix', simulation=None, pc_list=[], cd_list=[], diagonal_name='ContactMatrixDiagonal')


Simplifies construction of a CombinedContactDataMatrix for the use case of a friction matrix in a low-Re system.


-name the name
-simulation a simulation object, required
-pc_list list of all particle containers between which friction exists. Can only be set upon construction.
-cd_list list of contact detectors. Ususally, simply give all contact detectors in the simulation here; they will be added to the appropriate commandlist in the simulation object. We order them assuming that CDs wich are of the ReuseExistingContactDetector type have contact models RemoveResetParentFrictionMatrix and therefore have to come first, to ensure that that everything is correctly reset at the start of the real contact detection.
-diagonal_name name of array (in all pcs!) that represents the diagonal default: ContactMatrixDiagonal
FrictionMatrix(name, parent, **kwargs)
get_np_element(i, j)