In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

#or assign it to a shorter name
import as con



Bases:, mpacts.core.baseobject.BaseObject

Creates contactmodel that basically only serves as a ‘placeholder’ for the contactstate that is used in conjugate gradient calculations. This exists so that correct contactdata can be produced using this contacmodel eg. in AssembleFrictionComposedParticle.
Has no default location.
  • Required keywords:
    • pc1 — The first particle container in the binary contact detection.
    • pc2 — The second particle container in the binary contact detection. If contact detection within the same particle container is desired, and it is applicable for the contactmodel, pass the same pc to both pc1 and pc2.
object __init__(tuple args, dict kwds) :
args: name, parent kwds: pc1, pc2
ContactMatrixStateDummyContactModel(name, parent, **kwargs)