In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

#or assign it to a shorter name
import as dat


class, parent=None, **kwargs)

Bases: mpacts.core.command.PythonCommand

Saves all data contained in a simulation tree to output files in a save format intended for postprocessing. The main goal is to provide a uniform interface to access data from the simulation while leaving the save files as small as possible.


Optional key word arguments:

  • root: Root node of the simulation that will be saved. If not specified, ‘parent’ will be used.
  • gate: Optional mpacts gate for conditional execution
  • exclude_arrays: If True, Array objects will not be saved, dramatically reducing the size of saved files.
  • directory: (optional) directory in which the output will be saved. Default=’./’
  • filename: (optional) name of the files prefix. Default = name of the root
  • exclude_paths : (optional) one path or a list of paths (from given root) that will be omitted from saving
Data files saved with this command do not contain sufficient information to reconstruct the ‘full’ state of a simulation, hence they can not be used to load and restart a previous simulation. For this, the more encompassing SaveCommand should be used.
DataSaveCommand(name, parent, **kwargs)
execute(), number)