In order to be able to use this module import it like this:

#or assign it to a shorter name
import as sav, fname_out=None, binary=False), triangles, filename='model.obj', scale=1.0, rotate_90=False)

Saves vertices and triangles into the .obj format that is readable by blender, triangles, filename='', scale=1.0)

Saves vertices and triangles into the .off format that is also written by CGAL, varname, fname=None, fmt=None, write_size=False)

Writes numpy arrays in a format which can be directly included into a DEMeter.i file., triangles, fname, binary=False)

Saves vertices and triangles as a stereo lithography (stl) file using vtk. You have the choice of (non-portable?) binary and ascii files., triangles, fname, **kwargs)

Saves vertices and triangles with associated point_data and cell_data as .vtp file. The data should be given as kwargs, with the keyword beginning with ‘point’ or ‘cell’, as appropriate, and they must obviously have the correct length., prefix='', postfix='_solid_')

Takes a single .stl file and saves it into seperate stl files for each defined ‘solid’ object. Returns a sorted list of all writen ‘.stl’ files, outname='test', scale=1.0), array)

Saves an array of SCALAR variables for the nodes of a 3D FEM mesh so that it is compatible with FreeFEM